Meet Hibs



Heba "Hibs" Saab has the unusual combination of compassion and power in her teaching.  She focuses on healing body, mind and Spirit using a blend of therapeutic practices and Forrest yoga.  Her journey to Forrest Yoga is quite riveting.  She says, “It all started when I was living in Beirut, Lebanon.  At the time I was practicing Power Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga up to 4 hours a day and teaching yoga full time.  One night, my building was held hostage by terrorists and I was trapped in the bathroom of my apartment between the sink and the toilet for over 11 hours.  I remember being huddled in a tiny space chanting mantra and praying to get out alive.  The building shook with the crossfire of guns and bombs between my upstairs terrorist neighbors and the Lebanese army outside on the street.  It was a traumatic experience physically, emotionally, and Spiritually.  I questioned my life path as a yoga teacher, and thought I would never be able to practice yoga again.  Recovery took a lot of work on all levels.  I attribute my recovery and the healing tools I have as a yoga student and teacher to the Forrest Yoga system and to my teacher Ana Forrest.”

Heba guides students through the healing process with focus on creating a strong foundation for a lifetime of practice.  The healing intent is at the heart of each class.  Students leave the practice feeling invigorated with a sense of well-being.  She was introduced to these teaching methods through Forrest yoga.  Heba says, “Forrest Yoga helped me overcome the guilt and shame of my injuries.  It taught me how to face my fears and overcome PTSD.  The  basic moves of Forrest Yoga taught me how to access support for my back by connecting to my breath and my feet,  the Forrest Yoga system taught me how to engage my core and use my legs for strength.  Forrest Yoga Ceremony helped me heal emotionally and reconnect with my Spirit.  In the two years that I practiced Forrest Yoga while healing my injuries, I became stronger and more connected to my body than the whole 10 years put together when I was practicing other styles.  As a teacher, I am passionate about sharing the healing tools that worked so well for me, with my students.”




Ana T. Forrest is the creatrix of Forrest Yoga, and her fierce medicine is contagious.  For Ana, yoga is not just an activity or an exercise, but a powerful form of healing that invites us to access our best selves at the physical, psychological, and Spiritual layers.  Healing is one of the highest forms of living and we empower ourselves through the practice of healing through yoga.  Hibs says, “During my Forrest Yoga Foundation training, I made a pledge to Ana to do my part in realizing her vision of mending the hoop of the people.  Training teachers and teaching Forrest Yoga is how I honor that pledge.  I love witnessing my students in the seat of the teacher, seeing a student’s potential before they are even fully aware of it, and guiding them on the path of realization.  One of the things I love about teaching and practicing yoga is experiencing the sweetness of achieving something seemingly impossible. 




Heba’s name in Arabic, "Hiba," means “gift”.  Heba says, “I have always felt blessed by my gifts… my gifts as a teacher, healer, medicine singer, energy worker, cook, and writer.  My most cherished gift is the gift of helping others access and uncover their own gifts, and giving them tools to manifest those gifts in ways that benefit themselves and others.”

Heba created HIBS YOGA to honor her pledge to Ana of doing her part in mending the hoop of the people.  “HIBS” stands for “Holistic Integration of Body and Spirit”, Hibs is also Heba’s nickname.  She says, “Thanks to Forrest Yoga and the help of my Spiritual Business coaches Nick & Kisma of Source Movement Yoga, I was able to manifest a sacred space to practice and teach yoga in Henderson, NV.  HIBS YOGA is the space from which my heart calls to my students, it gives the teachers I have trained a place to learn and grow together, and allows me to realize my vision for doing my part in mending the hoop of the people and introducing Forrest Yoga to Las Vegas.”



Heba "Hibs" Saab, founder of HIBS YOGA in Henderson, NV is a 500 E-RYT (Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-Hour level), yoga teacher trainer, certified Pilates teacher, and Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher.  She has been practicing the sacred science of yoga since the year 2000.  Heba teaches Forrest yoga and Forrest Yoga-inspired classes, incorporating a fusion of many different methods and approaches that have been proven to yield extraordinary results in deepening the mind-body connection, promoting healing, and cultivating a connection to pure being.  Heba’s priority as a teacher is to ensure that each of her students feels safe and seen on their mat.  She creates and holds space for students to embrace their authentic innermost self, while practicing with breath, integrity in postural alignment, and connection to feeling.  Her desire is for students to explore different ways to honor their creativity and unique expression in each moment of their practice on and off the mat.  Heba encourages her students to be brave and inquisitive, constantly seeking new approaches to their practice and evolving their understanding of postural nuances in ways that feel good, cultivate strength without struggle, and nurture a deeper connection to mind, body, and Spirit.  Heba’s classes are intuitive, healing, empowering, and stimulating; offering an integrative experience that nourishes mind, body, and soul.