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Unfuck Your Yoga Career - CET for Yoga Teachers

Unfuck Your Yoga Career - Build A Business Teaching Privates
(Continuing Education Training Course for Yoga Teachers)

Aug 3 - Aug 25, 2019

SATURDAYS 12:30-3pm & 4-7:30pm
SUNDAYS 2-6:30pm

Yoga teachers, it’s time to stop playing small!
Get the confidence and tools to build your own business teaching privates. Learn how to enchant your students with an uncanny ability to meet their individual needs. Harness your authenticity and innate gifts, turning them into a valuable skill set. Masterfully hold space for healing. Address your students’ issues with confidence, knowledge, integrity, and care, making yourself an indispensable ally on their yoga journey. Gracefully navigate the vulnerability of teaching one on one. Uncover and overcome blockages around teaching privates. Courageously conquer the fear of seeing and being seen.

Course Material Includes:
-Business coaching (Effective marketing and sales strategies - cultivate a consistent student base and a steady income you can count on, with the conscious mindset that your yoga business is part of your Spiritual practice)

-Professionalism (Set clear boundaries, establish the monetary value of your services - no more stress around money, cancellations, or other sticky trigger points)

-Injury Therapeutics (Be anxiety-free when helping students with injuries)

-Emotional Anatomy (Uncover and speak to the specific emotions held in injury-prone and emotionally charged areas of the body)

-Biomechanics (Identify sub-optimal movement patterns, understand how they translate to postural misalignment over a broad spectrum of poses)

-Hands-On Assists (Uplevel the quality of your touch, go deeper with your students, and get into problem areas more effectively using bodywork and energy healing techniques)

-Sequencing (Assessment tools and sequencing strategies for one-on-one yoga sessions)

A word from the program facilitator, Heba Saab (Studio Owner/Lead Team Mentor at HIBS YOGA): My passion is training yoga teachers. I help people uncover their gifts and draw from their untapped potential to put their dreams into action, envisioning and manifesting the life they deeply desire to live. I have lived the life of a full time yoga teacher for over a decade. I have helped students unwind and heal deeply rooted trauma, avoid surgery and other “necessary” medical procedures, get off countless pain medications and manage their pain without drugs, recover from ailments with no known cure, and “miraculously” bounce back from debilitating injury using the gifts of this practice. I understand how much it takes to do this work, and how frustrating it can be to continually feel undervalued and underpaid, while giving people the invaluable gift of yoga and the power to change their life. Are you sick and tired of playing small? Are you ready to unfuck your yoga career? This course is for you! Take the first step and reach out to me. I promise I will catch you. I see you. I am you.

Investment - $1407
-Full participation in the “Unfuck Your Yoga Career- Build a Business Teaching Privates” YACEP Yoga Alliance registered teacher training course
-Full participation in all four “Unfuck Your Life - Injury Therapeutics Workshops” (Unfuck Your Back, Unfuck Your Shoulders, Unfuck Your Neck, and Unfuck Your Hips)
-Unlimited membership at HIBS YOGA for the month of August
-A certificate of completion for registering 44 Hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance

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Later Event: August 3