Hibs Yoga is a warm & peaceful studio. I have been a student of Heba’s in her teacher training & in her yoga classes. She welcomes everyone... If you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi and you have not been here.... Please check out some of her classes. Her style is unlike any other in Las Vegas & it is challenging but healing. Her voice alone can bring you back to the mat. Heba has a true gift in guiding us to a deeper connection and understanding of Yoga & being ok with where we are at. It’s intense but it is life changing! Each class has someone there to help the teacher with assists and adjustments & there are blocks, bands, straps, blankets & mats for everyone to use... I used to feel uncomfortable with help or assists until I realized how valuable it truly is! Everyone at her studio is open, friendly and makes any one new to her studio welcome! If you are new to yoga or Pilates, HIBS has a variety of classes, if you want to deepen your practice & try something new... Well, it is all here.
— Desiree B. -Las Vegas, NV

Heba has created a warm, and positive learning community for her students. There is nothing industrial about her studio. Her teachers are well-trained, knowledgeable, and compassionate. They understand that there is a learning curve, and encourage participants while allowing them to learn at their own pace.

I cannot say enough good things about Hibs Yoga, or recommend it more highly.
— Rosalynn W.- Las Vegas, NV


So I have been a sort of “traveling yogi” since I moved back to the valley 2 and a half years ago, making yoga homes at numerous studios. What is beautiful about that is I have become very much aquatinted with many people in the local yoga community. HIBS is my latest yoga home and I believe it is a place that I will call home for years to come. There is an energy about this studio that sings with my soul. So many cities have the typical and ubiquitous stuffy studios of tight bodies, fat wallets and over-glorified attitudes...these are things that inherently go against the true meaning of yoga. HIBS is NOT one of those studios. There is a subtle spirituality, love, truth and trust about HIBS and Heba, the owner. As soon as you walk in the doors you can smell the diffused doTERRA oils, see the welcoming warmth and feel the beauty of a place that feels so so far away from the chaotic energy of the Las Vegas strip. It is like walking into a completely different world, where everyone is welcome. I am so grateful for this studio, the people I have become friends with here and the energy that surrounds this place. I came here at the perfect time in my life, making this place a second home and it seems like that is such a similar story to others that feel the same way. Simply put, HIBS Yoga is MAGICAL!
— Alyssa L. -Phoenix, AZ

My husband and I have been going to HIBS since last April. It is the most incredible place for a mind and body yoga workout. Heba herself is magical and amazing. She has changed our lives, we are truly blessed to have found her and her studio. She has created a welcoming environment and nurtures her students and her fellow teachers. We always leave feeling better than when we arrived.
— C.P. -Las Vegas, NV


I am new to the Yoga but after one class decided it was what I was looking for to help me get in shape and learn more about my strengths. The yogi’s are friendly and very helpful. The staff is fun. Heba makes it a point to know all of her guests. She speaks to each one before class to find out intentions and if you are working with injuries. The variety of classes and times are wonderful. Stop by and join in a class or two.
— Karen M.-Las Vegas, NV

Heba is a miracle worker! My body and spirit always feel amazing after a class at her studio. I am so grateful to have found such a genuine and compassionate teacher to take classes from. Seriously, if you are looking for a studio to practice yoga in Vegas, I’d HIGHLY recommend HIBS Yoga. Clean studio, credible instructors, genuine people, reasonable prices, and safe instruction. also a great place to practice if you love hands on assists! :)
Thank you HIBS Yoga!!
— Kaylin Y.-Las Vegas, NV

I love this studio...I took my first class here when it was Yoga Unlimited....I am so happy that Heba bought the space to continue to share Yoga with the world. The staff is so friendly and inviting. I love the fact that there are sooooooo many props to use!! I am height and limb challenged LOL :) So it helps to have the props to use in my practice. I also love the one on one received in class. The classes are based on Forrest Yoga techniques which is a very therapeutic style of I know that I’m practicing safely. There are also a variety of classes from beginner to more advanced. I have taken both and I always feel challenged and accepted in all. The fact that the studio is kept at a comfortable 80-85 degrees is definitely a plus with so many HOT yoga studios around....I feel I can take my practice to a new level without struggling with the heat. And one more thing....I love the use of essential oils in the just adds an extra layer of healing.
I recommend this studio for the warm and welcoming’s a true yoga experience.
— Christie M. -Dallas, TX


Ok, so first off let me say that I have little experience with yoga. I grew up as a dancer, but after tearing my ACL I slowed down a bit and was looking for something more soothing and relaxing to do, while still getting exercise. I have taken drop in classes around the area with friends, but I couldn’t find myself gravitating to any of the studios, and anyone who has done yoga/dance anything involving a studio, knows how important it is to get a good vibe off of the place you go to practice. Heba is amazing, let me put this in caps so people who skim reviews know that HEBA IS AMAZING! My first class that I took with her was honestly an experience. She was involved and went around helping students, and even asked before class if anyone has any injuries or has any focus areas. Super cool. She brings a welcoming, calm vibe to class which is nice to see as a beginner. I would 10/10 recommend taking any of her classes!
— Tina M.-Las Vegas, NV